Will Smith Proud Couldn’t Contain His Joy as Willow and Jaden Take the Stage at Coachella Festival

newsFEATUREDWill Smith Proud Couldn’t Contain His Joy as Willow and Jaden Take the Stage at Coachella Festival

Will Smith shares two kids with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith; Jaden Smith, 23, and Willow Smith, 21. And both of them have been following in the footsteps of their father for many years now. It’s likely that you’re already familiar with his second son, who became famous at a young age. The American socialite has worked alongside the Oscar winner in movies like After Earth and The Pursuit of Happyness. Whereas Willow rose to prominence with her interest in music just like her dad, who used to be a rapper in the 90s. Now years later, seeing his kids following their passion, the Bad Boys star shared his proud father moment. 

Will Smith recently turned to Instagram to share a video of his kids performing at the Coachella festival. The 54-year-old looked immensely happy watching Jaden and Willow singing on the stage. He couldn’t stop smiling, embracing the lively atmosphere his children created with their enchanting voices.


The pictures shared by Metro UK revealed that the ‘Wait A Minute’ singer and her brother enjoyed every bit while they took the limelight. The siblings were captured hugging and praising each other after performing a duet. Moreover, the Emmy-nominated star sported a denim outfit along with long black boots as she held the guitar in her hand. While Jaden proudly wore a t-shirt that read ‘Willow’s brother’ under his black MSFTSrep leather jacket.

We all know that celebrity kids are introduced to the glamors of the entertainment industry right from the start of their lives. So it sometimes happens that they become excessively proud of their privileges. Being one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, Will Smith has always tried that his kids understand the value of the things they have.

Back in 2013, the Grammy winner opened up about the upbringing of his children during his After Earth promotional tour. The actor stated that he and his wife want them to remain grounded even after they become successful.

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