2 Days After Jamie Foxx’s Hospital Scare, Serena Williams’ Fans Unite With an Old ‘Serenading’ Clip to Send Touching Messages for the American Actor

Oscar winning entertainer Jamie Foxx recently had a health scare that has left the world shocked. While his friends and family continue to pray for his speedy recovery, tennis enthusiasts on Twitter decided to bring back one of the actor’s most celebrated moments on stage. What’s more, once this throwback video resurfaced on social media, Serena fans have also been reminded of the epic incident and are fondly thinking of Jamie and praying for his recovery.

So what is this video about? Real Serena Williams fans sure have latched on to the angle by now, but for those who are still debating between the few iconic moments, well, it is the video from the 2004 ESPY Awards. Jamie went all out “serenading” Williams on stage after she won the “Best Female Tennis Player of the Year” award. In his innuendo-charged and hilariously sexual performance, Foxx even got Serena up on stage to join him in his performance.

Serena Williams and Jamie Foxx’s major 2004 moment revived on Twitter as fans pray for Jamie’s quick recovery


The song- “I wanna be your tennis ball”, went viral instantly, proving what a hit Jamie’s performance had been. Venus and Serena both are close friends with Foxx and needless to say, Serena was seen sitting in the audience and enjoying herself thoroughly. Throughout the performance, Jamie’s energy was unbeatable and he owned the performance! Dropping that same video almost two decades later, fans on Twitter are recalling the iconic moment.

@missdemenor on Twitter posted a clip from the performance with the quote– “I love Jamie Foxx to the moon and back. His talents are endless. Here he is serenading Serena Williams the way only he can. High blood pressure/strokes are a curse on Black people, please take care of your bodies. Wishing him a speedy and FULL recovery.” 


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