Are We Truly Alone?

Are We Truly Alone?

Episode 1

About this Podcast:

Unidentified Flying Objects (also called UFOs) are usually related to the supernatural beliefs that accept the existence of extraterrestrial beings and alien abductions. Therefore, UFO experiences describe contacts with UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, covert alien visits, and abductions.

Although science provides enough advances that bet for the existence of life outside the earth, these experiences have been related and equated with paranormal beliefs under an integrative model, given the enigmatic content they manifest.

Based on research, the UFO anomalies would be due to an error in the identification, representation, and interpretation of the perceived stimulus compared with its formal and objective contents. This podcast suggests that UFO

and paranormal experiences need to be further examined or explored. They may or may not constitute behaviors like certain psychotic symptoms deemed mostly hallucinatory and delusional.

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