EYE-OPENING Molly Qerim widens eyes with shock as Stephen A. Smith admits he’s ‘a little drugged’ on live TV


ESPN star host Molly Qerim had a striking facial expression after an admission from Stephen A. Smith on Monday’s First Take.

Qerim, 38, opened the popular ESPN sports show by introducing Smith, 55, and guest NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins.

Stephen A. Smith admitted he was “a little drugged” on Monday’s edition of First TakeCredit: ESPN

That led to Molly Qerim widening her eyes as guest Kendrick Perkins smiled and laughed at his candorCredit: ESPN

Smith appeared remotely in the Los Angeles studios as he’s covering the NBA playoffs in California.

Perkins was also remote while Qerim appeared in the New York studios.

The host opened by greeting his partners and asking: “What’s going on? What’s going on? How are y’all doing good morning?”

That’s when Perkins quickly noticed the star personality’s seemingly strange tone.

After greeting Qerim, Perkins said to Smith: “Oh, you’re acting funny. You in LA [and] you’re acting funny.”

Smith answered: “I’m still a little drugged. But slightly I’m doing a little bit better. So I’m good.”

Qerim quickly widen her eyes after Smith’s candid response.

But then the 38-year-old was relieved once Smith told the First Take viewers that he’s “doing a little bit better.”

“That’s what we like to hear,” Qerim said.

Qerim and Smith. returned to First Take last week after being off for two days the week prior.

After being in the New York studios at the beginning of last week, Smith made the trip to California last Thursday to cover the NBA playoffs on ESPN’s NBA Countdown.


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