‘I’m not friends with anybody’: D’Angelo Russell spills on relationship with ex-Lakers teammate Julius Randle

Sunday’s matchup between the New York Knicks presented itself as an opportunity to rekindle an old flame for D’Angelo Russell as he faced off against former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Julius Randle. This was a sub-narrative to what was already a high-stakes game, but apparently, this just wasn’t the case at all for D-Lo.

After LA’s tough loss against the Knicks, Russell was asked to share his thoughts about battling Randle on the court. It was at that point that the Lakers guard admitted that he actually has no relationship with Randle whatsoever:

“Nah, I’m a fan of his game,” Russell responded when asked if there was anything that was dredged up for him. “No relationship. We played together, went our separate ways. After that, it’s just competitive energy ever since then.

“That’s how I am with everybody. I’m not really friends with anybody, to be honest. On the court, it’s no love. Just want to battle, try to get the win, and maybe shake hands after.”


Not only did Russell reveal his lack of an off-court relationship with Randle, but also, the former All-Star point guard admitted that he doesn’t have many friends in the NBA.

Russell and Randle played alongside each other for the Lakers for two years. Randle was drafted by the Lakers in 2014, and Russell arrived a year later. LA then traded D’Angelo Russell to the Brooklyn Nets after just two seasons. As it turns out, a couple of years together as teammates didn’t have much of an impact on either of these two gentlemen.

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