IT’S A BET Stephen A. Smith sighs ‘that’s not true, that is a lie’ as Molly Qerim makes bold on-air claim

FIRST Take hosts Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim didn’t hold back when it came to discussing each other’s efforts in fantasy sports.

On the topic of March Madness and ESPN’s Tournament Challenge bracket, the duo agreed on a wager.


Qerim, 38, proposed the wager to Smith on MondayCredit: Getty
55-year-old Smith claimed Qerim will “cheat”Credit: Getty

And it seems safe to say Qerim is confident, commenting “I always get it better than him. But people don’t know that.”

Smith immediately denied this, saying “that is not true. That is a lie.”

The agreed-upon rules are simple: As per Qerim, “Whoever’s bracket gets busted first has to buy the other person a pair of shoes.”

But while they agreed to the wager, Smith wanted to have his own dig Qerim.

He told their guest, coach Seth Greenberg: “I’ll do it, but I want the world to know: Molly cheats.

“All the time. She cheated at fantasy football, she’s gonna cheat at this.

“Because what she’s gonna do coach, is she’s gonna go to y’all, she isn’t gonna just pick them herself, she’s gonna reach out to you coach and Jay Bilas and everybody and she’s gonna make her pick, by pick, by pick.

“That’s what she’s gonna do. She’s gonna cheat.”

And it doesn’t look like this they’ll stop with March Madness when it comes to this battle for footwear, with Qerim stating: “We’re gonna start doing bets for everything.

“For the Finals, for the Super Bowl, all of it.”

Men’s March Madness gets underway with the First Four spread across Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by the Round of 64 on Thursday and Friday.

The National Championship game is scheduled to take place on Monday, April 3.

The Women’s bracket gets started with the First Four on Wednesday and Thursday, followed by the First Round on Friday and Saturday.

The National Championship game is set for Sunday, April 2.

Brandon Miller and the Alabama Crimson Tide are the top-ranked Men’s sideCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The South Carolina Gamecocks lead the way in the Women’s rankings, with Zia Cooke their top scorerCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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