LeBron Freaks Out Internet After Posting Viral Video of Massive Animal on Instagram

LeBron James is back at home while recovering from a foot injury which is preventing him from suiting up for the Lakers. Despite not being on the court, James managed to cause quite a stir on social media, sharing a viral video of an absolutely massive animal to his Instagram account. 

James captioned the post: “DAMN IT!!! Can’t even rehab properly w/o the paparazzi all in my grill! Relax man!! Just trying to get right so I can get back out there with my guys! Anyways as you can tell I’ve done nothing but lift massive weights while gone away since I can’t get on the court yet! In due time. See y’all soon!”

The internet was stunned by the footage, believing that James had stumbled upon the creature in his own backyard. Fans were up in arms trying to determine what the animal actually was. Some commenters suggested he had discovered an entirely new species, while others likened it to a Pokémon.

Ultimately, the animal appears to be a rather muscular and oversized mountain goat, which is possibly what LeBron was alluding to with the joke in his caption, but that didn’t stop the internet from reveling over the creature. 


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