Megan Thee Stallion Dyed Her Natural Curls Blonde and Looks Like a New Person

We audibly gasped when we saw the photos.
Meg posted two photos of her new lightened hair on Instagram on April 17. The Houston-bred rapper looked like a dream posing on a bed in a crop top and underwear with her curls surrounding her. Her brunette coils were replaced with much lighter hair that had a few different blonde hues. The majority of the hair seemed to be a caramel-blonde color with lighter honey-blonde highlights throughout. The various shades of blonde added dimension and depth to the hair so it wasn’t just one single color.

Now, the Hot Girl Captain has been blonde before — a few times actually, including a platinum-blonde bob and another instance in which she had a curly updo with hair that was almost white — but all of those times involved wigs and not her own hair. 

What inspired Thee Stallion to take the plunge and go fully blonde?  It’s unclear, as Meg simply captioned her photos with a drooling emoji. She likely wanted a new look for the rest of 2023. Honestly, we’re most interested to know what color, if any, is coming next. We would love to see her dip into some fun colors like pink or orange.



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