Nipsey Hussle’s Estate Gets A Win In Court After A L.A. Singer Filed A $5 Million Lawsuit Over Song ‘Hussle & Motivate’

Nipsey Hussle’s estate has successfully dodged a $5 million lawsuit filed by a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who asserted to have co-written the late rapper’s song “Hussle & Motivate,” HipHopDx reports.

According to court records, Tasleema Yasin’s lawsuit against the rapper’s estate was dismissed after she did not respond to the Order to Show Cause. Yasin initially filed the lawsuit in December 2022. Judge Stephen V. Wilson stated that Yasin, who acted as her own legal representative in the case, did not present enough evidence to convince the court that the matter should proceed.

“The file in this case lacks the papers that would show it is being timely prosecuted, as reflected below,” Wilson wrote. “Accordingly, the Court, on its own motion, hereby orders plaintiff(s) to show cause in writing no later than April 4, 2023, why this action should not be dismissed as to all remaining defendants, for lack of prosecution.”

Due to Yasin’s failure to timely respond to the demand, Judge Wilson dismissed the case on April 11. Nevertheless, the judge did not specify whether the case was dismissed with or without prejudice, implying that Yasin could bring her claim again if she can present substantial grounds.

The 1500 or Nothin’ collective, along with producer MyGuyMars, were the creative force behind Hussle’s final album, Victory Lap, which was released prior to his unexpected passing in 2018. Mars previously reminisced about the rigorous effort that went into creating an album that has been widely acclaimed as a classic. However, he revealed that the general consensus among those involved was that the album would never be released.

“I definitely remember the conversations from Nip, but I remember more so the conversations from everybody else saying it’s not coming out,” Mars explained.



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