Sommer Ray reveals why she turned down $40M earnings from OnlyFans

Model, influencer, and DJ Sommer Ray revealed the unexpected reason why she turned down making an estimated $40 million from OnlyFans.

OnlyFans has become quite a popular platform for many prominent content creators — as well as an extremely lucrative one, with some influencers reportedly earning millions of dollars on the site.

For example, YouTuber and streamer Corinna Kopf claimed that she earned a whopping $4.2 million from OnlyFans just three months after joining back in 2021. It looks like her cash is still up, too, as she just bought David Dobrik a $500k Ferrari.

Other OnlyFans models have also reported earning big bucks on the platform, with 6′ 2″ creator Marie Temara recently saying she’s raked in a jaw-dropping $295,000 a month since making her debut.

Given that so many influencers are making big profits on the site, it seems like joining up for OF would be a no-brainer — but that wasn’t the case for internet-famous model and DJ Sommer Ray.


Sommer Ray is a fitness influencer who has become a veritable sensation on Instagram over the years thanks to her toned physique. She’s also got her own clothing line and often DJs at high-profile events, but it’s clear that her image is also a major part of her success.

Sommer Ray explains why she’s never made an OnlyFans

During an April 13 podcast with YouTuber George Janko, Ray revealed that she’d actually been advised to make an OnlyFans account to jump on the gravy train… but she ended up turning it down.

“At that time it was like, every single person in my life was coming to me and telling me, ‘If you don’t start and OnlyFans, you’re stupid,’” she explained. “The money I could make would be insane. In that time, with COVID — someone was saying I could have made $40 million or something like that.”

“I’ve worked so hard to try to change my image, in the sense that, I’m not just the a** girl. I’m not just that. I have many layers. But if I do that, it puts me in that stigma of ‘OnlyFans girl.’ You know what I mean?”

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“I’m not really in it for the money,” she continued. “I want to look back on my life and be like, ‘Wow, I created my empire and I did something special that I’m proud of.”

Sommer Ray isn’t the only major influencer who’s giving OnlyFans a wide berth; popular Twitch streamer xQc has also spoken out against the site, notably claiming the platform is “hindering” mankind in a divisive spiel earlier this month.

Sommer Ray celebrates DJ debut with Steve Aoki, IRIE & Dennis Rodman

Instagram model and influencer Sommer Ray made her DJ debut alongside Steve Aoki and IRIE at an exclusive Formula 1 Grand Prix event in Miami. 

Sommer Ray is known to many for her career as a model, harnessing the power of Instagram to amass an astounding 26 million followers. Ray’s YouTube, where she has 1 million followers, saw her reveal her own beauty product Imaraïs Beauty.

Now, the influencer has unveiled her latest career chapter at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, with her DJ debut at a VIP event.

Sommer Ray marks DJ debut with Steve Aoki and IRIE

Hosted by Celebrity Sports Entertainment, their Race Takeover party saw Sommer Ray take to the stage for her debut set as DJ. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is a hallmark event for any racing fan, but the parties surrounding the event are just as wild, as tickets could cost at least $20,000.

Ray’s debut wasn’t just in front of a normal crowd, however, as seasoned DJ Steve Aoki and Miami Heat team DJ IRIE. Despite the pressure of performing with Aoki and IRIE on the same bill, Ray’s debut was a success as she celebrated the DJ set on Instagram: “my first DJ set was a success, thanks to everyone involved.”


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