Wiz Khalifa To Address All The Controversy Over His Feet: “I Really Don’t Have Bad Feet They’re Just Dry!”

Wiz Khalifa is set to appear on the upcoming episode of Drink Champs where he’ll get into a bunch of topics!

In a promo clip of the interview which will drop on Khalifa’s special day, 4/20, the “Young, Wild, and Free” rapper addresses all the online commotion about his viral long feet.

Last month, Twitter users roasted Wiz after fans took a screenshot and zoomed in on his feet. One user wrote, “Wiz Khalifa’s toes need an intervention. Can we start a petition to get him a pedicure?” Another user wrote, “Wiz Khalifa has too much money to have toes that look like that.” A third concerned fan said, “Seriously though, Wiz Khalifa needs to see a doctor about his feet. That doesn’t look healthy.” Clearly, Wiz caught wind of some of the comments and he’s sharing his reaction on Drink Champs. “I really don’t have bad feet they’re just dry,” he says in the teaser clip.

Earlier this month Wiz decided to join in on all the trolling by posting a funny TikTok video about his toes. He shared a clip of his toenails that were painted baby blue!

The clip starts at his toes and then he pans up all the way up to his face to give a big smile.

Aside from that Khalifa has also previously responded to fans who had something negative to say about his feet. He shared a poem on Instagram that read, “Stop making jokes about my feet, because that s**t ain’t funny,” he recited. “Y’all keep making jokes about my feet, but bitch I got money.”

His poem continued, “You ain’t gonna say it to my face, but you’ll talk about me when I’m gone. Your toes probably look like that, too, but you got nail polish on. When I seen all those tweets, you can’t imagine how I felt. I get pedicures but my feet are still dry. So don’t laugh, send help. Stop talking about my feet, ‘cause that shit ain’t funny. Y’all keep making jokes about my feet, but bitch I got money.”

More Celebrities With Viral Feet

NBA great Shaquille O’Neal is always making headlines because of his large feet. However, recently he made a sweet gesture to a young boy who also doesn’t have the typical average size. Shaq surprised 14-year-old Eric Kilburn Jr. with a sweet call after learning about his struggles to find the right pair of shoes since he wears a size 23.

Shaq not only did that, but he told Eric Jr. he would like to get him dress shoes from a man he knows that makes them up to size 26. Shaq also told Eric to call if he needs anything and since then, they already had a second call with Eric expressing his appreciation for O’Neal.



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