Black love, and unity lost?

Black love, and unity lost?

5 things black-on-black violence undermines

By Eric Screven

Black-on-black violence undermines several important factors:

If you live in the NY and NJ area, you might notice that when you turn on your tell-lie vision to start your day, every weekday morning, there will be a segment I’d like to call, “Black and Brown Criminals on the Prowl!” There is always about 3 minutes, or more dedicated to showing “Black Criminals” stealing phones, doing home invasions, or worse, not doing anything at all and having their face on the screen while the crime is verbally reported to the public. So for the moment, let me recollect from the time when I was a child. Everything that we saw on TV was a program. We’d talk to one another like, “Hey, what television program do you like the most?” Or “Did you see that news program today? It was talking about the black gangsters and super predators.” I think you get the point. Every morning people all over the world tune in and see “Black” people in America as thugs, criminals, thieves, senseless, barbaric, uncivilized, and savage. This is daily, and you don’t have to be a scholar to understand the power of repetition. It is simply conditioning. Conditioning the masses to see one group of people as worthless, via their ruthlessness, callousness, laziness, and over-sexualized behavior.

In reflecting on this, I often ask myself, What does the over-saturation of media coverage showing “Black” people in such uncivilized states do to their collective public image? Will the masses ever know the reasons compelling the conditions they are looking at, understanding that there is a deeper reason behind it all? Will the tell-lie-vised images of “Black” people be enough to wake them up, to see the people’s view of them? Will the world ever respect “Black” people enough to speak truth to power about the overuse of such propaganda, especially when there are so many more, “Black” people not behaving the way they are often portrayed in the media? Will the victims of propaganda become proactive, and begin to counter the negative propaganda against themselves? Will “Black” people finally learn to call a cease-fire on each other, and unite? 

The truth is, no one respects anyone crying out for respect when they don’t even respect themselves. This has been evident for some time now, and people are finally beginning to understand how the “Black on Black” hate and violence is indicative of the world’s perception of them, not to mention the impact of slavery on their psyche. Some may even argue this is the reason for the declining impact of movements like BLM (Black Lives Matter), which according to media coverage of “Black” people, is an obvious contradiction.

Here are 5 things black-on-black violence undermines:

  1. Community cohesion: It erodes trust and creates a sense of fear and insecurity within the community, hindering social bonds and cooperation.
  2. Socioeconomic progress: Violence diverts resources away from education, economic development, and community improvement, impeding the overall progress and prosperity of the community.
  3. Mental and physical health: It contributes to increased trauma, stress, and psychological distress among individuals, negatively impacting their well-being and overall health outcomes.
  4. Social justice efforts: It undermines the fight against systemic racism and perpetuates negative stereotypes, making it harder to address the root causes of inequality and discrimination.
  5. Collective empowerment: By perpetuating violence within the community, it weakens the collective strength and potential for unified action toward positive change and social upliftment.

With the current nature of popular hip-hop music and trends in conjunction with escalating problems of Division due to irreconcilable differences between black men and women, it seems like a daunting task to convince them to put more effort into unity in love with each other. Contrary to what seems the trend in contemporary opinion, the televised and advertised alternative lifestyles regarding sex preference have only given a community already struggling with identity, more of an uphill battle toward the reconciliation of the black man and woman. All of this leaves many asking what’s the solution then. Is it more community centers, the church, the mosque, a more intense life skills curriculum in public schools, reconciling the differences between “Black” men and women via counseling, or perhaps community outreach programs that target the youth? What is known and understood is that if problems continue to go unchecked, the number of cases that erupt into violence among “Black” people will escalate.

In conclusion, it is important to note that many “black” people continue to thrive regardless of the plights they face. They see the trajectory we are on, and are not easily led in the wrong direction. They understand that the focus must be on the new generations to come and to build a world conducive for their descendants to thrive beyond the current expectations of the masses. It is believed that the efforts of those who are truly conscious, as well as empathetic to these issues today, will allow their descendants to do so with the establishment of unity and a true understanding of what it means to be a real nation, who will collectively able to say in all determination, NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BE HELD DOWN! Especially by our own. 


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