Exotic Dancer On Ja’s Morant Gun Scandal In Strip Club He Pulled The White Boy Excuse Card – ‘I’m Going To Act Like A Fool And Put Other People’s Lives At Risk

Ja Morant’s behavior at the strip club was clearly outlined by one of the exotic dancers, and it wasn’t helping his case.

According to the New York Post, one of the dancers said the Memphis Grizzlies star “pulled the white boy excuse card.” Adding to it, she said of Morant: “I’m going to act like a fool and put other people’s lives at risk.”

This comes in relation to his gun-toting that reportedly “terrified” some of the dancers at the club. Morant’s visits were documented to be on March 2 and March 4. The outlet also obtained pictures of Morant’s bender that saw him get a lap dance one of the nights in a room strewn with money all over the floor.

It has been a turbulent couple of weeks for the immensely-talented guard, and the dancer’s comments surely won’t earn him any fans. The Grizzlies’ mainstay has already garnered immense flak for his actions, and only time will tell how his reintegration process with his team and fans pans out.

The Owner Of The Strip Club Praises Ja Morant

While there have been reports lambasting Morant for his behavior at the strip club, there was also a development that said he was respectful to the employees.

Per Matthew Sedacca of The New York Post, the owner of the club, Deborah Dunafon lauded him for being “exceptionally respectful” to the employees.

“This kid, real young, was exceptionally respectful, and sweet and he did not drink [on his second visit],” Dunafon opined. “We’ve had [Denver] Nuggets and Broncos … come in and pitch quarters at the girls, be disrespectful and nasty. He’s marvelous.”

This, though, might do little to help Morant’s case as he still continues to churn out the bad press for his actions. His absence from the team comes as a blow as well, given the side’s good run that puts them in playoff contention.

Only time will tell if Morant can return and be his usual self. For now, it all looks murky for the star, and the challenges on the season front don’t make it any easier for him.

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