J.Lo And Ben Affleck Appeared To Have A Spat At The Grammys, And People Have Theories

The celebrity couple also had very on-brand responses when they realized they’d been caught in a moment.

Jennifer Lopez has perfected her image as a poised professional while her husband, Ben Affleck, has always tended to wear his heart on his back sleeve.

So, when the newlyweds were caught on camera at the Grammys apparently bickering with each other, their respective responses to the realization that they’d been busted were, well, hilariously on-brand.


In a clip shared widely on social media, Grammys host Trevor Noah appears to be in the middle of a bit, with an oblivious Bennifer verbally sparring nearby. When they both realize they’re on camera, Lopez quickly shifts gears from looking annoyed to being completely engaged in Noah’s antics. Meanwhile, Affleck attempts to perk up and play along, but quickly slouches back and offers what looks like a sad smile to the camera.

The crack in the couple’s veneer — and the inability to hear what they were talking about — led many on social media to speculate about their alleged spat.


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