Meagan Good reveals Halle Berry’s sweet gesture during her divorce

From the beginning of her marriage to the end, the “Harlem” star received love from her Oscar-winning industry sister.

Fast forward a few years later in 2021 when Good and her husband, Devon Franklin, announced the end of their nine-year marriage. Good described the highly-publicized split as a time of transition, intentional growth and healing during which Berry offered her a supportive ear. 

“We share the same makeup artist  — shoutout to Jorge back there,” Good exclaimed. “He was saying she was wanting to know [if] she should reach out to me when I was going through my divorce. So I was just like, that’s really sweet that there was a lot of support and love.”

Berry was not the only Hollywood icon to support Good during her divorce. Good has recently revealed how Whoopi Goldberg was instrumental in helping her get through this period.

On Amazon Prime’s, series “Harlem,” Good emphasized that her costar continuously looked out for her, despite their complex fictional relationship. “I have to give you your flowers,” Good said to Goldberg on The View. “You’re so nurturing and amazing and kind … It’s been a joy. I feel very, very privileged.”  


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