Planning 2023 travel without a companion? Find your people in a Black travel group

Planning 2023 travel without a companion? Find your people in a Black travel group

No companion necessary—if you have your documents together, go ahead and book a vacation with one of these top Black travel groups for a great escape!

Is travel topping your list of resolutions for 2023, but you foresee rolling solo? Among the best things to come out of the social media era are Black travel groups. For generations prior, Black leisure travel abroad seemed elusive—sure, celebrities traveled for their jobs, military personnel was actively based all over the world, and there were ample opportunities to study abroad. However, the picture wasn’t as clear for Black travelers who wanted to travel for leisure, luxury, and fun. Social media threw open the door for the Black diaspora to explore their curiosity about other countries without media bias—and to engage with Black travel groups as a means to get out there and explore in person.

These days, Black travel groups are spaces for Black travelers and aspiring travelers to connect, whether through Facebook, travel agencies, travel blogs, or IRL meetup spaces. We’ve all heard (or experienced) cautionary tales where folks start planning a trip, and in the end, only the planner with the most intention makes the journey after everyone else drops out. By contrast, the best aspect of Black travel groups is a mutual intention, education, like-mindedness, and seriousness about global exploration.

Black Girls Travel Too

Black Girls Travel Too is one of the hottest Black travel groups for Black women. Founded by Danielle Rivers-Mitchell (Danny) in 2015, Black Girls Travel Too creates travel experiences that breathe life into Black women—because we are deserving! Black Girls Travel Too welcomes Black women of all demographics to join their immersive trips with inclusive roundtrip airport transfers, a locally advised itinerary usually spanning between 8-11 nights, a photographer, and an intimate group of Black women. Information on trips to South Africa, India, and Australia is already available on the website. Head to to learn more.

Urban Events Global

Founded in 2011 by Kevin Knight, Urban Events Global is the adventure-seeking Black travel company of dreams. An “army brat,” Kevin was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and moved throughout much of his childhood. In response to friends’ frequent requests that he alert them when he was flying out, he decided to call their bluff and create a travel group and company so Black like-minded travelers could see the world through his eyes. Urban Events Global not only curates trips but also throws events like the UEG Meetup, Urban Excursion Weekend, Urban Cruise Weekend, and Urban Camp weekend, where there are 400 – 2000 participants. Check out to see the turn-up, and book a trip today.

Rush Escape

Millennial and Gen Z Black women can relish travel with Rush Escape. Just glance at its Instagram page, and you will see a range of baddies on group trips touring the world’s most exotic locations. The brainchild of Jamaican travel influencer and entrepreneur Richie-Ann Rushell J., Rush Escapes not only puts together full-on group trips that you and your girls can partake in with Richie-Ann, but as a travel concierge company, they manage client needs such as accommodations, flights, activities, special requests romantic dinner setups, and massages. Rush Escapes also offers expedited passport and visa help. Check out Rush Escapes on Instagram.

Sisters Traveling Solo

Cole Banks was a frequent solo traveler when she came across an online post discouraging Black women to travel alone. To combat that fear and rhetoric, she created a traveling company, Sisters Traveling Solo. Founded in 2018, STS has become one of the go-to traveling companies and groups for Black women considering solo journeys. Although STS teams curate various group trips (many of which are already sold out for 2023), the education, experience, and courage to travel solo that this company promotes are worth looking into. Black women deserve a break and time to recoup, and with trip options to places like Greece, Bali, and Jordan, to name a few, STS is the perfect remedy. To learn more, check out

Black & Abroad

Black & Abroad was founded in 2015 by Eric Martin and Kent Johnson as a multi-platform travel and lifestyle company for Black folks. With corporate backgrounds, Martin and Johnson have been able to create an optimal space for young adult Black travelers to tap into the diverse travel experiences of luxury, adventure, and culture not always promoted to Black communities. Black & Abroad’s online community has visited over 100 countries and expanded awareness of Black travel on all seven continents through micro and macro events. Black & Abroad offers group trips to places like Tanzania, France, Columbia, and more. If you are looking for a group trip to partake in, visit to learn more.


BeGirlworld was created to promote teenage girls’ global education and travel. Through its global ambassador program, known as bGAP, high school girls gather monthly for meetups where they learn and practice self-actualization, leadership, exploration, resourcefulness, and service while also getting the chance to domestically and internationally travel. This Philadelphia-based program also offers two Black female-identifying college students the chance to win a scholarship if accepted into a study abroad program. If you are in the Philadelphia area, look into beGirlworld for your young one.

Nomadness Travel Tribe

If you want to bond with a predominantly Black travel community, look no further than Nomadness Travel Tribe. The number one travel lifestyle brand and group, NTT has a prerequisite of at least one passport stamp to enter the tribe. Once that is fulfilled, you are immersed into a global society of over 25,000 travelers who travel consciously and intentionally to lands rich in Black and brown legacy. These are not always your typical spots, however. You would be surprised to learn about the places where Black and brown people have made their imprint on history. Brands like this help you do your research and rediscover yourself through transformative travel. To learn more, visit

Advantage International

After a previous employer suddenly shut down, Ja’Vonne Harley seized the opportunity to launch her own travel company. An expert in event planning and group travel, in 1998, Harley and her husband created Advantage International, a travel program for African Americans who want to travel the world in luxury and style—and have yet to look back. As a veteran in the game with more than 25 years of experience, Advantage International appeals to not only new travelers but Generation X and Baby Boomers who have actually saved their money for times like these. With footprints across Africa, Vietnam, India, and Israel, AI is a premier choice for well-planned journeys. For more information, check out their website.


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