Rapper Future Pays A Staggering Amount Of Child Support Per Month (But Not To Ciara)

Future has ten kids, one of them with Ciara, and his child support payments are massive.

Celebrities may live lavish lifestyles, but at the end of the day, they are people just like everyone else and are subject to the law and court proceedings. Plenty of celebrities have been arrested publicly, have been court-ordered to attend rehab or some kind of program, have had public divorces, defamation cases heard, and have child support and custody cases in play.

The main difference is the staggering amount of money celebrities end up having to pay in these child support and custody agreements. Katie Holmes received $4.8 million in child support following her separation from Tom Cruise. Guy Ritchie had to pay out $92 million following his divorce from Madonna, and even Kelly Clarkson pays around $200,000 in alimony to her ex-husband with their joint custody agreement.

It seems that rapper Future is among the many celebrities paying a large amount in child support for all of his kids, with some demanding even more from him because of his alleged lack of involvement in their lives.

Rapper Future Pays About $30K In Child Support For 10 Kids

Rapper Future is on par to keep up with the likes of Nick Cannon. The rapper currently has ten children of his own, which he had with nine different women including songstress Ciara.

Because most children are currently under the age of 18, the rapper does have to pay a substantial amount of child support per month.

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While details regarding the exact amount per child are difficult to find, it is estimated that Future pays around $750 per week, per minor child. This adds up to around $30,000 a month on just child support alone and does not include any potential insurance plans he may be covering for some of his children.

Very little is known about Futures’ relationship with his children, as it is something that he tends to keep private for the most part, but his relationships with his children’s mothers all appear to be rocky, with some claiming that he is not as present in his kids lives as he should be.

Further fuel was added to this fire when his oldest son Jakobi retweeted a post by Dwight Howards’ son Bryon.

The post read “My dad ain’t a real dad. He don’t even talk to me, and he knows I’m sad and need him.” This led many to believe that this was Jakobis’ own way of calling out his own father.

Some Of Future’s Kids’ Moms Want More Child Support

While it may seem that most of his children’s mothers are content with their current custody agreement, both Eliza Seraphin and Brittni Mealy have been battling Future in court for an increase in their monthly payments.

Rumors initially began surrounding Seraphin, with many outlets reporting that she was asking for $53,754 per month for their daughter.

A judge eventually dismissed this request and issued a temporary order forcing Future to pay $3,200 per month for their daughter.

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Both Seraphin and her lawyer believe that this amount will eventually change, with her lawyer making statements like “The child support dispute is not concluded” and “the case is far from over” with reference to their ongoing battle.

This is still a win for Seraphin, as Future had only offered to pay $1,000 per month plus health insurance in exchange for her silence.

Brittni Mealy also brought Future to court for an increase in her son’s monthly child support payment. The rapper has been paying $3,000 per month since 2014, but Mealy has said both her child’s needs have changed, and so has Future’s income.

Mealy also accuses the rapper of not being present for his child and claimed that he did not maintain their son’s dental insurance. That allegedly lead to an increase in spending on her behalf to continue to care for her child, including additional daycare costs.

The relationship between Mealy and Future has been tense from the jump and was further exacerbated by an inappropriate text the rapper sent to their son calling Mealy a derogatory term.

Mealy made sure to publicly call Future out for this inappropriate behavior and also accused him of being abusive and neglectful towards their son.

Does Future Pay Ciara Child Support?

Following their separation, Ciara and Future also had to set up a child support and custody agreement for their son.

Future seemed to be displeased with whatever arrangement was allegedly going on and took to social media to accuse Ciara of not letting him see their son, Future Jr.

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Future also alleged that he was paying Ciara $15,000 per month in child support, which would total about half of what he is estimated to pay for all of his minor children combined.

Ciara and her sources were quick to shut these rumors down, making it a point to let the media know that she has never prevented him from seeing his child.

These sources also confirmed that “[Future] does not and has not paid $15,000 in child support” and blamed the rappers’ behavior on jealousy, as Ciara had moved on and started her relationship with her now-husband Russell Wilson.

Ciara and Future called it quits a few short months after she gave birth to their son among allegations of cheating on Future’s behalf, which allegedly occurred during Ciara’s pregnancy.

Future continues to deny any allegations of infidelity and simply states that the pair had grown apart.


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