5 ways to identify and avoid energy vampires

Energy Vampires

5 ways to identify and avoid energy vampires

Some people in this world have a knack for pulling emotional triggers, not to mention those some may classify as energy drainers or over-talking chatterboxes, never having anything positive to say.

These energy vampires always complain and demand that you listen to them. If you don’t, their long grueling monologues become verbally weaponized attacks in attempts to gaslight all due to your unwillingness to endure their suffering.

Who are Energy Vampires?

An energy vampire has a personality disorder that causes them to engage in behavior that sucks their emotional energy.

They leave circumstances with a feeling of unhappiness, demotivation, and unappreciated and can cause your life to be miserable as a result of energy drain.

People like this may come across as charismatic and highly intelligent conversationalists, placing them at the center of attention on most occasions.

However, they may also be manipulators of the truth, often disingenuous and instead of realizing their fault in circumstances would rather shift blame to someone else.

Characteristics of Energy Vampires

Energy vampire identification can be done by seeing their inability to recognize and respect boundaries. They may be energetic and charismatic, earning your trust and attention.

People like this are gifted verbally and can lure you in with sob stories and tales that pull at your heartstrings, playing on your empathy and compelling you to feel obligated to assist them in whatever they are enduring.

Your intuition will not lie to you. Pay close attention to your mental, physical and spiritual impulses when you experience a person like this.

If you’re not happy or unmotivated, irritated, or sad, listen to your conscience and do what you can to avoid them.

How can Energy Vampires be Avoided?

The alternative is to risk being sucked into an emotionally draining situation not of your own making.

As part of energy saving tips, kindly excuse yourself from the engagement without allowing yourself to be drawn into a discussion of why. Remember, self-preservation is most important in maintaining mental and emotional health.

They are overly critical, finding fault with just about everyone and everything in their lives. Like the saying, “misery loves company”, this is especially true when it comes to energy vampires.

Self-esteem is low for these individuals, who often speak negatively of others. You will seldom hear them express anything they feel they can improve regarding themselves, but they have a list of improvement ideas for the people they encounter.

No one is safe from their verbal lashing. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, or passersby are all equally worthless in their eyes, and only they can remedy their mediocrity.

Once you identify that a person is like this, you must limit how much time you spend with them. You should avoid them if they are not family members or colleagues.

Although it may be difficult to avoid encounters of this nature with family members, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with loving them from a distance to practice energy vampire avoidance.

Send a card, flowers, a text, or an email to let them know you’re thinking about them and love them, but limit personal engagement to family gatherings for energy vampire prevention.

Energy Vampires and Their Persuasive Convincing Power

They are argumentative and find it difficult to agree with others, even as it pertains to the most mundane circumstances.

There is an old saying that “it takes two to tango,” meaning that if you don’t engage in an argument, there won’t be one. Keep this in mind with the argumentative types to avoid drastic energy reduction.

Although energy vampire detection can once again can be very difficult if the person is a family member. In the case of a family member, taking a walk outdoors to escape for a moment can work out in your favor.

Finding a quiet place in the home can also be a method for time away from the verbal turbulence you’re enduring.

Energy management can be done by creating a safe and comfortable space for yourself. It is essential to gather positive thoughts and charge your battery to enable you to enjoy the pleasures life brings.

They are constantly negative, always taking a pessimistic or cynical perspective in most regards. People like this often have a dystopian perspective of life.

Not only do they see the glass as half empty instead of full, they believe it is the nature of man to make and keep it that way.

Although in the current world, notions or ideas like this are neither farfetched nor uncommon; however, who wants to reflect on that all the time?

Life is short enough as it is. To waste most of your time dwelling on thoughts about the world’s shortcomings and not the abundance of beauty life presents us with is depressing.

5 Ways to Tackle Energy Vampires for Energy Conservation

If you identify these traits in someone, limit spending them or you will literally feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. If they are family, friends, or lovers, don’t allow yourself to get sucked in; perhaps implement energy saving strategies and challenge them to join you in a recreational activity.

  • Try taking in a fun park, movie, nature walk, or something that reveals how pleasant life can be. It will be lots of fun and give you plenty of pleasant memories to discuss instead of the negative conversations they often like to pull you into.
  • They are incapable or reluctant to take responsibility for their actions and then seek to blame others for their shortcomings. This is one of the biggest trait for identifying energy vampires. It will be mentally and emotionally draining if you meet a person like this who is never wrong or incapable of apologizing for mistakes that they have made.
  • It is best to avoid people like this altogether if you don’t want to be the unnecessary target of one of their finger-pointing rants when you are the reason for all the pain they are experiencing. Adults still living with their parents often may have these tendencies, much like children going through adolescence. While it may be understandable why some may behave this way, it is no excuse to be forced to endure it.
  • Make it your business to plan and practice energy efficiency. Move to rid yourself of those who’d rather seek to target you for things only they had in their control or that are totally out of yours.
  • Surround yourself with people who have integrity and respect you enough not to use you as a doormat for people with irrational emotions.


People can be self-centered and vicious sometimes, but it is not always intentional and often may be the result of some form of experienced trauma or affliction they may have.

Exactly what may cause people to behave like energy vampires is unknown, but self-preservation and avoiding energy vampires is most important.

With the uncertainty in our lives caused by radical cultural changes, including but not limited to the COVID pandemic, it is essential to cultivate as much positive energy as possible.

This means choosing people to be around who bring you bliss instead of ill feelings of guilt or sadness. We must learn to use our energy to get up and live each day with a sense of optimism that this day will be great. This all starts with the energy of thought.

Therefore, keep the five types mentioned above of people in mind and heed the advice for dealing with them. Be compassionate and empathetic so long as it doesn’t stop you from taking care of yourself.

Remember the present is a gift to us all; do not waste it with people who cannot enjoy it as you do. Choose yourself, and don’t allow anyone to gaslight you into thinking you don’t deserve happiness.

Start your days pledging to yourself that no one will zap your energy from me. Not today and not any day you are moving forward.

Pastor Charles R. Swindoll once said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.” So be proactive, ensuring that your reactions are efficient enough to cultivate bliss.

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